HERO Loan Payoff - Reduce Your Taxes and Save Monthly

You are on this page to find out how to get rid of your HERO or PACE Lien that has been levied against your home as a Tax Lien.  Most of you will agree that you were initially unsure how this program worked, but you put trust in the contractor who was able to offer you a "simple" way to finance your "energy efficient" home improvements.  Most Homeowners who have decided to use HERO or PACE financing to fund a project on their home are very unhappy with the on going cost of funding their project.  

Most of the people we meet and help, have a similar story.  The contractor said it was a great way to finance and the energy savings always will balance out.  It may cost $100 or so per month, but well worth it.  Then, after 6 or 9 or 12 or 18 month, you got a letter from your mortgage company stating that you owe them substantially more on your monthly mortgage payments to balance out your escrow account.  Sound familiar? Sound Fair?

As many of you have found out, HERO or PACE Financing is actually one of the most, if not the most expensive way to finance home improvements.  As we have discovered, the HERO Lien program often has an interest rate (APR) that is over 10%.  In addition, most of the liens are levied against your property for 20+ years.

So, regardless of the opinion of the contractor who said this was a great way to go, you now know it was not!  This is where we help you. 
We help our clients access a portion of the equity in their home, to payoff the addition Tax Lien (HERO or PACE). In many situations, your property taxes have more than doubled, making your mortgage payments rise by $200 - $1,000 per month.  We have helped so many people in your similar situation first of all, understand how and why this happened, then HELP THEM get away from the HERO or PACE tax lien and the extra monthly expense.  

You should find out more about how your situation can change for the better. 

Simply click the link below to get a personalized analysis. We can let you know how much you can save in minutes.  

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